Candee Generations

A 21st century technology company with 1st century core values. We get your ideas built for others to enjoy!

About Us


A first century core value includes honesty, and we guarantee that we will provide an honest interaction with you throughout your project


We give you the transparency you deserve as a client. We give you daily or every other day updates on the status of your project


We strive to deliver your project in the most timely fashion. The complexity of your project is always a factor, but our goal is to deliver quick

About our company

Our story is one of growth and determination to be a company that is straight and fair with their clients - to give everyone an opportunity to succeed at their dreams and to help them get there

Our Services

Web Design

You need a website for your company, church, or product. Let us build that for you. We utilize Wordpress to build static websites that are easy to keep up to date as you need.

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Graphics Design

From company logos, to business cards, to prayer cards, to flyers, posters, shirts, knick-knacks, or anything you need designed, we have you covered! Let us design it for you!

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Web App Development

Do you have a great idea for a web or mobile application? We can build it for you! We use cutting edge web technologies to make your ideas become realities.

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We have all the tools necessary to take the most beautiful pictures of you and yours on your special day. Weddings, family portraits, graduations, you name it and we'll snap it.

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Do you need a video for your event, presentation, or celebration? Using HD video cameras, we can grab the footage you want and put it together with graphics and music.

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You just need some assistance with a technical task or problem that you're dealing with. We can help with that! Let us partner with you and help you get through.

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